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[Sungmin’s Wonderful Day] That Day, What Happened at Wiki Cafe?

Ta-da! Can you guess where this place is? This is one of the hottest spot in Samcheongdong area, Wiki cafe. Wiki Cafe is located where you can have awesome view of Kyungbok palace and Nation Museum of Contemporary Art. The place has gotten popular in recent days through word-of-mouth with its refined interior and quiet location.

In the early morning one day, the street corner of Wiki Cafe was bustling with people. The cafe was soon packed with customers with no place to put one’s feet. The long line tailed back to the main street and even police officers were called upon to prevent possible traffics. What is going on?

Ta-da! Is this real? He is the flower boy Sungmin from ‘Super Junior’. He should’ve had wrap-up party after which had continued for three days, and why did he come to Jongro in the early morning? September 22 was Super Junior’s day-off after successfully finishing their 100th concert . Sungmin visited Samcheongdong to get rid of stress which has been built while preparing for the concert.

The first thing Sungmin did was to look around the cafe. From the lobby on the first floor, cafe on the second floor, and outdoor terrace on the third floor, he wandered around and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the cafe. He sipped iced Caramel Macchiato and took a look at outdoor terrace where he enjoyed the gentle autumn breeze.


Reporter: Sungmin, what do you want to eat the next time you visit Wiki Cafe?

Sungmin: Hmm..I would like to have a chicken breast roll. This is the menu I recently enjoy myself since I’ve gained weight and have fat belly. It is not in the Cafe’s menu but it would be awesome to have chicken breast roll. Caramel Macchiato has too much calorie!

Of course, having a leisure time was never easy for Sungmin. Soon, fans from around the world including Japan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brasil, and Ecuador followed him around. However, the man of generosity Sungmin didn’t seem to be bothered with fans’ requests. He shook fans’ hands whom he has seen before, and signed his autographs to some extent.


Fan1: How is your eye trouble?

Sungmin: It’s all better now!!

Fan2: Oppa~ I really enjoyed your solo stage♡

Sungmin: You did? (Showing his index finger) I injured my finger while practicing drumming…ㅜ.ㅜ

Sungmin dropped by the cafe for a short break, but ended up staying for two hours due to fans’ support.He barely escaped from the place with the help of a male staff. 

Reporter: Did you expect to see so many fans like this?

Sungmin: No! Not at all~ㅜ.ㅜ

Reporter: I’ve been curious since yesterday about your hairstyle at the concert…it is inspired by Snape from <Harry Potter>

Sungmin: Snape?

Reporter: Or it seems like ‘SHINee’ Taemin’s hair.

Sungmin: No, this is inspired by Tsukasa..!

Reporter: Tsukasa? <Boys Over Flower> Goo Joon Pyo?

Sungmin: Not Goo Joon Pyo, but Tsukasa. Ha..hahaha;;;



Chocolate BonBon- Eunhyuk says they are filming MV for the follow up track next week!

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